Laser line optics and optical polarization filters

Laser line optics

The Pentaprism is a five-sided prism used to deflect the input beam 90 ° so that the image does not come out upside down. The two reflective surfaces are coated with an anti-reflection coating to reduce a light loss (transmission) since the incidence angles are less than the limiting angles. It is widely used in laser level, leveling, and optical instruments. These prisms deflect the beam at the same angle regardless of its orientation to This makes penta prisms valuable for applications requiring accurate 90 ° deflection without the need to accurately orient the prism. The monolithic design of the penta prism also makes it more stable than a dual mirror system.Hemispherical lenses have good performance in microscopy, endoscopy, fiber optic communications, optical sensors, laser measuring systems, LED especially for high power and ultraviolet LEDs. Hemispheres have much more advantages than silicone lenses and plastic lenses. Alpine Research Optics produces the best laser line optics, laser lenses, and prisms.

Best ar optics

Close focusing and tactical reticle with BTR illuminated first focal plane. On the eyepiece, there is a lever for a quick change of magnification. Maximum accuracy and reliability for solving any tactical task. Bushnell has taken the foundational principles of scopes such as optical precision, durability, reliability, and uncompromising performance to the next level with the AR-15 scopes. These scopes feature tactical drums that will help you make adjustments and make accurate shots. The ARO Optics are available in 6 modifications to fit all AR rifles, from the .22 rimfire to the 223 / 5.56 caliber. Multi-layer coating of all lenses and the new tactical reticle Drop Zone-223, with aiming, points up to 450 meters. AR Optics scopes are forged to the tightest tolerances, made by the most famous brands in the market. Optical sight Bushnell AR Optics 1-4×24 (AR91424I). Prompt delivery. Quality assurance. We produce only the best ar optics.

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Optical polarization filter

An optical polarization filter is a filter consisting of 2 rings in one of them there is a specially processed glass (polarizer), by rotating the ring with polarizing glass, you can adjust the degree of polarization. This filter allows you to remove glare from glass or water when shooting, trapping reflected rays. The filter also allows you to get more saturated images, in which the clouds will be more drawn, the vegetation will look more juicy, here, like with water, the air contains water particles that reflect light, hence the images without a filter are dim, not always blue sky, and «indistinct» clouds.

Using a polarizing filter.

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