Instagram Marketing for People and Campaigns

Instagram offers you the opportunity to present yourself with pictures. Social networks. Here you can learn how to set up your marketing strategy, plan your content, get followers, and best style your posts.


Instagram is a free photo and video platform that is part of Facebook Inc. since 2012. , colloquial speech also uses «Insta», online messages for communication and communication. According to statements in August 2017, 15 million people are active on the German platform. There are even more than 800 million monthly users in the world. Companies use this broad reach to target their marketing messages to their target groups. More than 2 million companies advertise.

Instagram started out small. The app was used to edit images to make them look like professionals. The edited photos can be published on your profile. Your followers — compared to their Facebook friends — can like, comment, or share photos. On Instagram via private message, and it was also easier to find them.

It connects to other social networks as needed, such as Facebook and your email account or address book, and shows which of your friends and contacts are also using Instagram. Thus, you can not only share your photos with friends, you can also subscribe to each other and like, comment or leave comments.

INSTAGRAM for business

For traffic to be generated on your account, we recommend the so-called storytelling. This is where you use stories to convey information about your company or your products. Not only are you building intimacy with your followers, you can also enhance your image. Through these messages, you positively reinforce your followers’ memory by perceiving yourself as an advertisement — from the company to the product story, you can also evoke emotion and create tension. This is how you look innovative and will be remembered positively along with your brand.

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Instagram is an essential tool for companies as it can now register over 500 million users — over 300 million people use Instagram every day.
The platform offers you and your company the ability to quickly connect with many people. You increase the reach of your target group and increase your visibility.


To spread your stories, you link your stories into Stories. Here you have the opportunity to make photos and videos visible for 24 hours — after that they disappear and can be replaced with new ones. Plus, Instagram gives you the option to start a live video here. Thus, you can participate in your programs in real time as your subscriber.

Not only can you bring the content of your story to life with filters, but you can also make it clearer with text or sketches. Don’t exaggerate here though — you want to win over fans, not drive them out in confusion. Find a sweet spot and match your content with your followers.

INSTAGRAM algorithm

The modified algorithm has existed for a year. This ensures that the images and videos in the timeline are no longer in chronological order, but according to relevance. You can achieve high relevance by, for example, clicking users, liking, or commenting on your posts. It is important for you that contributions reach a high level of reach and are well received by your subscribers so as not to get lost in the user’s work schedule. How exactly you want it so you can best support your marketing.

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